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Casablanca is a 5 Zone Pocket Spring mattress that provides contouring support for 5 key body zones.  Its individually pocketed coils will reduce partner disturbance while zoning will give excellent spinal and body support.  Gel-infused memory foam and latex is added to assist with comfort, body temperature and pressure point relief.  All Foam is non-allergenic, and is treated with Pufity Anti-Microbial for greater protection against bacteria.


  • Pocket-spring consist of a grid of springs, each in their own Fabric pocket, Because they’re not wired together, each spring is able to work more or less independently—the weight on one spring does not affect those surrounding it.
  • Foam Box construction
  • Premium Jacquard fabric
  • Cushion top
  • Premium foam comfort layer
  • Total perimeter encasement
  • 5 zone support system
  • Latex
  • Memory foam and gel infusion
  • Quality Australian comfort layers
  • Matching base not included in the price

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Australian made